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A Day at Kidz Kabin!

Step inside Kidz Kabin to discover how much fun
your children will have!

No two days are the same at Kidz Kabin! 


We are often led by the interests and developmental stages of the children in our care to inform the activities we choose. We have termly staff planning meetings for each room to shape the themes of learning throughout the nurseries too. By listening to the children and their needs and interests, we keep them engaged and nurture them through playful activities they will enjoy. 


The themes we choose are designed to work with the EYFS areas of learning and development. For example, we might choose a theme of nature during spring. This means that children can grow plants, engage with outdoor environments around them, and develop communication and language as we learn new words and ideas on this theme.

We want to bring the learning to life through fun play and creative experience as much as possible.


As well as regular outings to the local parks, woods and libraries, throughout the year we take children on trips to the Sunshine Garden Centre, Arts Depot theatre, Paradise Wildlife Park, the Science museum and many other places that we know will be stimulating, fun and exciting for children to visit.


We’re always looking for new ways to teach, learn and play. At Kidz Kabin we find creative, innovative ways to encourage your child to explore their surroundings, whether that's sensory materials, physical play on our soft play equipment and climbing frame or growing and making their own food. 

We love to celebrate different cultures and festivals and we have a calendar with many holidays from different cultures and religions listed so we can ensure all feel welcome and celebrated at our nurseries. 

Below is a table of some of the things you can expect your child to enjoy when they come to Kidz Kabin. We’ve listed 3 options for every time slot so you have an idea of the variety of activities we do, but our days are often more flexible than this:


activities timetable.jpg

Baby Room
(6m - 2)

Toddler Room

Pre-school Room

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