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Food at Kidz Kabin

We work to provide healthy eating plans at each of our sites, taking into account children's nutritional needs and balancing this with allergies or intolerances we encounter with individual children. Everything is prepared freshly by our chefs on site to ensure consistency of quality and safeguarding. We cater to dietary requirements and we provide options at each meal to ensure that every child can still eat something nutritious if they don't like the main food on offer.

We have worked with parents, staff and children to update menus to reflect what children at each nursery enjoy eating to try to minimise waste or refusal from children. We welcome suggestions for seasonal dishes to incorporate into our menus. We change the menus seasonally to reflect what produce is available and what is suitable to serve depending on the weather. 


We care about sustainability and we do not have meat at Kidz Kabin. We use fish, plant-based products, cheese and eggs to provide protein and we use a wide range of seasonal fruit and vegetables to introduce children to food that is really good for them. We do have desserts but we tend to make these without refined sugar, instead relying on apples, fruit puree or banana for sweetness in a cake or biscuit. Everything in moderation is something we encourage for a healthy, balanced attitude to food.


We enable the children to positively engage with food by empowering them to grow some things for themselves. They then get to eat the tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers and other food they’ve grown! By understanding where their food comes from, we build positive associations and healthy eating habits.


We do not accept packed lunches or children bringing food in onto the premises of any of our nurseries. This is a safeguarding measure to prevent any allergens or cross contamination and to ensure we can track all food prepared and served to children on site.

To give you an idea of the kind of balance you can expect, below is a week's sample menu.

Actual food may differ slightly between sites as it is prepared freshly in the kitchens by chefs at each setting.


*While there might be some crossover between dishes at lunch and tea across the week, we never serve the same food for lunch and tea on the same day.*



Breakfast all days: 


A selection of cereal such as freshly made porridge, rice crispies, shreddies or weetabix. These are offered with whole milk or milk alternatives - oat or soya milk. Wholemeal toast with butter or dairy free spread is offered after cereal.


Tri-colour pasta with a tomato, onion, garlic and herb sauce with grated cheese (or plain pasta, vegetables and cheese). Served with chopped broccoli and sweetcorn mix
Desert: Seasonal fresh fruit and natural yogurt (fruit can be raw, cooked or pureed)

Main: Vegetarian sausages in gravy with Mashed potatoes and Mixed Vegetables. 
Desert: Banana cake

Main: Lentil burger with sautéed potato cubes and courgette (sliced & slightly cooked & tossed in butter) with grated cheddar
Desert:  Seasonal fresh fruit and natural yogurt (fruit can be raw, cooked, or pureed)

Main: Homemade spinach and cheese muffins served with buttered rice, red pepper omelette served with carrot and sweetcorn
Desert: Lemon cake

Main: Homemade salmon nuggets with roast potatoes, courgette, carrot and tomato sauce
Desert: Seasonal fresh fruit and natural yogurt (fruit can be raw, cooked, or pureed)



Jacket potatoes with toppings of tuna / cheese / vegan cheese alternative
Sugar free oat biscuits

Vegetable soup served with home made bread/ slices of vegan meat / salad vegs
Fresh Fruit

Filo pastry with soft cheese and spinach ( dairy free alternative  available)
Fresh Fruit

Fish fingers /roast potatoes /salad 
Sugar free banana cake 

Margharita Pizza (home made base)
Fresh Fruit

Please note:  Fresh fruit will be an alternative selection if fruit is also served at lunchtime.

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